About Us

Underscore are an award winning team of creative thinkers,
branding experts, and digital strategists.

The underscore story began in 1999 and today our thinking has been tested by everyone from airports to embassies, and everywhere from Sloane Square to Shanghai.

So what makes underscore different?

Maybe it's about cultivation; whether in growing talent, feeding creativity or greenhousing ideas. Maybe it's our thinking garden, where we think, create and plan as a team or in collaboration with our clients.

Maybe it's our curiosity that leads us to ask the questions that others may not, so we find the answers that matter.

Who knows. Maybe it's our exacting nature that drives us to those moments of inspiration. Or perhaps it's that our brand stories form an emotional bond between a brand and it's customer.

It may even be that any brand is only as good as it's experience; and ours is entertaining.

You could say it's all of those things, or simply that we get underneath, that we add weight and we make a connection.

Because after all, that’s what an underscore does.

Press releases

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Branding for a global destination: How London Venues can unlock...

According to results published from a major international study by MasterCard, London is forecast to receive a Globally dominant 18.7 million... read more

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